The biggest gathering of the air cargo fraternity, ACAAI Convention 2022 concluded in Bangkok, Thailand on a positive and energetic note. The three days of the convention  were full of knowledgeable, interesting sessions, business networking and fun filled. The convention got lots of applause, let’s see who said what. 

“Memorable conference held by ACAAI in Bangkok. Thoroughly enjoyed all the business sessions, food , drinks and entertainment. In house session was very informative. Anil, to continue as next convention chairman. Thanks to our President Afzal, V P. Govil and the entire managing committee. Nice seeing great participation from our members and hope the same continues”

  • Anand Didwania, Past President and Board of Advisor, ACAAI

“I congratulate the entire ACAAI convention team for excellent arrangements. The Business sessions were extremely informative and thought provoking. This convention happened after a gap of 2 years and a lot had happened in the world. With reintroduction of convention the development of the trade partners development is being highlighted. The hotel and the food is great. And how can we forget the cultural activities in the evening. Overall a very satisfying event. My special thanks to entire ACAAI team again for making it a memorable event”

  • Parvinder Singh, Hans Infomatic

“I congratulate the convention chairman, President ACAAI and the entire team for a wonderful & memorable event. All business sessions were great, attendance throughout was amazing – good drinks and awesome food, wishing you great success in future planning. Love always!”

  • Sunil Kohli, Rahat Cargo

“Congratulations to ACAAI President & Managing Committee & Special thanks to the Convention Chairman for splendid fabulous arrangements with good  thought provoking discussions and sessions. Enjoyed attending the BKK convention!”  

  • Vikramjit Singh Ahluwalia, Air Logistics Group

“I would like to express my Gratitude to Respected Convention Chairman – Mr. Anil Vazirani, President – Mr. Afzal Malbarwala, Vice President – Govil Ji and all members of the Organizing Committee for this insightful and very well planned Convention. Great platform to know what all is happening in the world, for automation of Logistics’ Operations. Historical moment where we all were able to meet all the veterans of Logistics services in person. Kudos to each and every member who organized this memorable event! I must say that the Stay, Food, Ambiance, all the Events and Hospitality were great! Here’s wishing all the very best to ACAAI Team for all such future events.”

  • Ashish Singhal, Overseas Logistics

“Kudos to the entire team of ACAAI- Vazirani ji, Govil ji & our ROCKING DJ AFZAL BHAI & the two pillars Blessy & Sheela who were the silent support system through and through. We had very interesting interactive & informative sessions and we thank you all (specifically Chaitaly) for giving us Women in Logistics, a platform to bring an awareness that it’s not Behind every successful man there is a woman BUT BESIDES every Successful man there is a Woman. 

Everything was planned & taken care of so well. From frogs to Nightingales everyone sang; from Mithun to Madhuri everybody danced. It was simply Rocking. God bless & look forward to more ACAAI events”

  • Sakshi Gupta, Air Logistics Group

“My big thanks to Anil ji and Blessy for coordinating the event so smoothly. Taking care of me at every stage just like a family member was a very special experience for me. I wish ACAAI all the very best in all its future endeavours. I feel very privileged in getting the invitation to speak on the inaugural day and I wish to remain connected with you.” 

  • Sudipta Ghosh, PwC

“Dear Mr Vazirani, Govil Ji, Sushant ji, Afzal Uncle,Blessy, Sheela and the entire ACAAI Team. Stupendous event, fabulous hospitality,  beautiful Hotel, meticulous planning and execution, interesting and knowledgeable sessions, excellent speakers and Food- top notch. Variety and Taste. One of the best conventions.”

  • Chaitaly Mehta, Member – Managing Committee, ACAAI

“Dear Afzal bhai ji, Anil ji and the entire team of ACAAI for a very well planned and executed convention. Surely one of the best and memorable ones for me. Kudos to the organising team and the secretariat too for tireless work”

  • Yashpal Sharma, Skyways Group

“Dear Afzal bhai,Anil and the full ACAAI team, We at CSC had a fantastic experience at the convention. Sessions and speakers were very good. The idea of bringing a sea perspective was very good.I think it was a unique combination of lots of brainstorming and fun in the evening with excellent food. The hotel team was excellent and I am happy to say that eleven beautiful women kept evening live. Once again my heartiest congratulations to ACAAI for a great show.

  • Tushar Jani, Cargo Service Centre

“Dear Afzalbhai, Anilbhai ,Samirbhai ,Govilbhai and ACAAI Team. Congratulations on organising the wonderful ACAAI convention. Thank you for the extended hospitality which was far beyond expectations. Kudos to the team as it requires a lot of hard work and planning execution to make it successful and that too on foreign land. It’s nice to see that our Logistics Associations are doing a good knowledge informative session, creating value addition not only for business development but also for awareness on personal health importance and a good message to encourage next generation youngsters  into logistics. It was great to experience the members enthusiasm , participation, creating  networking through this platform and most importantly the women’s participation. Everything was well covered during the event. Proud to be associated with ACAAI to witness the great leadership. and I am confident that jointly we can achieve a lot for our industry.”

  • Shankar Shinde, FFFAI