Amid the positive lush green surroundings and the energy of blue waters of The Westin Siray Bay Resort and Spa, the air cargo fraternity is all set with positivity and energy both. The 45th Air Cargo Agents Association of India (ACAAI) has successfully kicked off on 21st November, 2019 in Phuket, Thailand with the theme “End-to End Logistics – The Way Forward”. The convention was inaugurated by lightening the lamp by Sunil Arora, President, ACAAI; Afzal Malabarwala, Vice President of ACCAI; Chairman Convention 2019 Anil Vaizrani; Fitsum Abadi, Managing Director, Ethiopian – Cargo & Logistics Services; Anis Chakravarty, Partner & Leader, Global Transfer Pricing Centre, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP; and, C K Govil, Secretary General, ACAAI.

As the theme suggests, Anil Vazirani, Chairman, Convention 2019 welcomed the delegates thereby stated that the business sessions are designed to include a variety of topics on air freight, sea freight for the first time. “Apart from air and sea freight, we have many other topics which are not only directly connected to the either but which are crucial for the successful growth of the industry. The sessions will be addressed by very eminent, knowledgeable and experienced speakers who are renowned in their respective domains.” Taking further the mood of the convention, Sunil Arora, President, ACAAI, said, “Our customers expect and demand that we should provide comprehensive, cost-effective, factory-to-consumer, end-to-end solutions and services for all their logistics business requirements. During this convention, we shall also be discussing related and important subjects which we have not explored at the earlier conventions, including, sea freight and its significance, cyber security, family business and succession planning.”

“A number of distinguished industry experts will share their knowledge, experience and wisdom in these domains during the convention. Most importantly, we shall also be getting some ‘Guru Gyaan’ from veteran industry and business leaders from ACAAI and outside. The Indian economy is going through testing times but we can be optimistic about the logistics industry. Government of India has taken several landmark decisions in various areas in recent times like Air Cargo policy and the recent one National Logistics Policy. The beneficial results of these policies and programmes will be seen during the next few years. And this convention 2019 will set the tone of optimism for the same.”

The chief guest Fitsum Abadi, Managing Director, Ethiopian – Cargo & Logistics Services, said that ACAAI convention is definitely a platform to bring together the members of the air freight fraternity to brainstorm and deliberate the issues of relevance and concern of the industry. “Ethiopian airlines is closely working with the cargo industry and we are proud that we are part of this convention which will help us to strengthen flow of cargo from our region to India and vis-a-versa”; while, Anis Chakravarty, took people to some statistics and facts of the industry and talked about opportunities and challenges in the industry and the way forward with respect to end-to-end logistics.

This is followed by vote of thanks by C K Govil and a cultural performance organised by Tourism Authority of Thailand and a fellowship and lavish dinner was a perfect conclusion to the enthusiastic beginning of the show.

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