Swiss WorldCargo, organised a half-day Pharma event for the Mumbai Pharma Forwarders community on Friday, 13th December 2019 at the newly opened Pharma Excellence Centre at CSC Export Cold Zone at Sahar Cargo, Mumbai Airport. Besides clients, Warehouse operator CSC, Airport Operator MIAL and active and passive equipment providers like Environtainer, C-Safe, Va-Q-tec were invited to the event for a show and tell session. It was simply re-assuring and great honour for our Mumbai team to see the key Mumbai Pharma forwarders attending the event in full force, which highlighted SWC standing in the market, coming from its teams commitment, investment in time, effort and transparency to clients through its Q&A session. Shanti Ramnath, Manager Cargo Mumbai, SWC, had the pleasure of welcoming the clients and providers and engage them during the informative session.

Shankar Iyer, Head of Cargo, Africa, Middle East and India, SWC spoke about the journey of SWC pharma from 2011 and how SWC Mumbai achieved a 40 per cent share of Pharma on every flight ex Mumbai, sheerly from his Mumbai teams commitment to a quality service signaling that SWC is a serious player in the pharma segment. He proclaimed in 2020 he wanted to raise the bar by transporting more of active units as the Indian Pharma industry was building capabilities to go up the value chain.

Keynote speaker, Andres Perez did an absolute justice to the event with his crisp and precise 7-8 slides detailing India Pharma development and position. His presentation on Global outlook Pharma did spearhead to strong audience interest and engagement, very visible at the Q&A session. Mr. Tushar Jani, Chairman of CSC and Mr Manoj Singh, VP MIAL also enlightened our clients about the infrastructural plans at the Sahar Cargo Terminal, with model picture of the Pharma center in the background. They further endorsed with words of praise for Swiss WorldCargo Mumbai as an instrumental player in furthering trades needs and taking first movers advantage !

SWC had the duty of completing the loop by showcasing with few precise slides Swiss WorldCargo`s offer of active and passive equipment to the market, which was pre-cursor to the warehouse tour. Swiss branded Red caps were already placed on the table to identify clients who wish to join the warehouse tour. Sportingly every client attended the tour wearing the cap while they escorted from the auditorium to the cold store acceptance and buildup area, for a “look & feel” of active & passive equipment`s placed by Envirotainer, CSafe & va Q tec, ably supported by respective  technical experts who shared information about their equipment.

The cargo terminal is secure, restricted area; ushering every client to the auditorium, arranging security access passes and escorting during tour was a painstaking and seamless work done by SWC Mumbai team for which clients profusely showered with accolades stating the this was the first ever by any carrier in Mumbai and that Swiss WorldCargo had raised the bar higher.