With the launch of cargo.one, the air cargo industry has taken a significant step towards providing seamless digital agent-to-agent bookings for freight forwarders. This platform now allows importers to instantly compare and book rates with verified forwarding partners, offering a 24/7 service. Export agents can also benefit from this new service by winning new business from import agents worldwide, with the added security of global non-payment protection.

Before cargo.one pro, import agents would spend hours or even days procuring rates from overseas due to the manual process, complicated by agents being situated in different time zones, leading to communication challenges. However, cargo.one pro has revolutionized the process, offering a superior experience by providing access to live airfreight and local charge rates from a broad range of verified export agents worldwide. With the ability to book shipments at any time of the day or night, import agents can enjoy instant confirmation, routing, and airway bill details. This gives them a competitive edge, enabling them to be the first to quote their customers and beat their competitors by a considerable margin, leading to the possibility of winning more business in an industry where speed is critical.

Export agents also stand to benefit greatly from cargo.one pro, as it allows them to offer live digital booking to their international partners on the platform. Instead of being bombarded with countless requests from import agents overseas, export agents can now simply receive confirmed shipments as import agents browse and book digitally.

Moreover, cargo.one pro presents an unprecedented opportunity for export agents to forge new connections and receive digital bookings from a vast community of verified import agents worldwide. Before its official launch, export agents had already received over 6,000 import shipment quote requests from 121 countries without the burden of manually replying to every request. With this new platform, export agents can streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and reach a wider network of international partners, all with the added security of global non-payment protection.

Hauke Langert, CEO Airfreight at Germany based freight agent Skyline Express International GmbH, adopted cargo.one pro during its development phases and points to its ability to drive new business. He comments, “By using cargo.one pro on both the import and export sides, instead of sending an email to a partner in Asia for example, we are now able to send quotes to clients or to agents within seconds. Since listing our rates on cargo.one pro, we’ve been amazed by the number of our quotes being shared and accepted – it’s a game-changer”.

“cargo.one pro is a step change for our industry – like never before, import agents can compare and book rates instantly with verified export agents 24/7, and by listing their offers, export agents win new business from 120+ countries, even while they sleep,” Moritz Claussen, Founder & Co-CEO of cargo.one, said.

“cargo.one pro is a uniquely global solution and is exciting everybody who tries the platform, so we’re ambitious about the size of the community it is building. We have also had a strong interest and partnered with a number of popular forwarder networks, and so we have launched our Forwarder Network Partner Program which sees us collaborating to enrol their members into benefiting from cargo.one pro,” Claussen added.