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Celebi Delhi Cargo launches new e-CSD facility at Delhi Airport

  • Celebi Delhi Cargo launches new e-CSD facility at Delhi Airport

Celebi Delhi Cargo launches new e-CSD facility at Delhi Airport

Another milestone for Digitalisation in India! Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India has launched new e-CSD (Electronic Cargo Security Declaration) at Delhi IGI Airport, which will help the freight forwarders in saving considerable time, resources and cost for all of us without impacting the efficiency and efficacy of the system.

Existing CSD process involves following steps:

  • Filing of CSD;
  • Printing of CSD;
  • Transporting  physical print outs to Export Warehouse;
  • Presenting the CSD Document at the designated X-Ray machine; and
  • Ensuring the presence of CSD document till the completion of screening process.

New e-CSD facility:

  • Filing of CSD; and
  • Scan and upload CSD on the ACMES portal during AWB execution.

The scanned copy of CSD document once uploaded on ACMES, will be transmitted to Celebi for document acceptance through EDI which is in line with Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) addendum to AVSEC order no. 06/2005, wherein CSD can be digitally accepted and processed.

Advantages of e-CSD over manual process:

  • Increased efficiency by saving time and faster document accessibility;
  • Going paperless will reduce carbon footprint;
  • Improved Information Security via safer document archival and retrieval; and
  • Reduced physical interface/contact

To further understand this facility, please refer to the following FAQs:

Can Cargo security declaration be submitted by electronic mode (e-CSD)?  Yes, Cargo security declaration can be processed via online portal registered/synced with the  airport operator’s portal, at the time of booking of cargo consignments.

What prescribed format will be used for applying (e-CSD)? Cargo security declaration (Annexure I and/or Annexure II) shall be written on the company  letter head of the concerned cargo company, shall be signed and stamped by authorized  signatory of the Freight Forwarder/ Company.

What details are to be mentioned in cargo security declaration? Cargo security declaration is self- explanatory (Annexure I and/or Annexure II) and all relevant fields are to be updated before updating in online portal.

In case there are multiple house airwaybill available in one master airwaybill. In respect of several consignments booked under separate House Airway Bills and  consolidated under Master Airway Bill, security declaration on Annexure-I and/ or Annexure II will be given separately specifying the Master Airway Bill and the relevant House Airway bill  covered on it.

Is there any other documents required with cargo security declaration?  Master Airway Bill, other relevant documents depending upon the nature of consignment  such as Dangerous Goods declaration, Non-Dangerous declaration & any other documents  required for Air cargo transportation shall be provided with duly signed and stamped by  Authorized Freight Forwarders.

How to upload cargo security declaration in online portal? The colour scan copies of the original documents to be uploaded via online portal registered  with the airport operator’s portal and the same is transferred to Regulate Agent system. Authorized Freight Forwarders shall ensure scanned copies should be legible, so that  screeners staff can review documents while accepting consignment for screening.

Additional information is to be updated on cargo security declaration?  Mobile number of concerned persons is to be mentioned on Cargo Security Declaration for  further coordination, if required.

In case of any discrepancy or ambiguity observed by screeners staff, how will it be communicated to Authorized Freight Forwarder?  In such scenario consignment will be put on hold in CargoCel and intimation will be triggered  to the Freight Forwarder along with remark on his pre-designated mobile and e-mail id.

If e-CSD is not legible to screeners staff and authorized Freight Forwarder is not able to update CSD via online portal. Authorized Freight Forwarder also has a provision to provide original documents to screening  staff at x-ray machine to process cargo screening.






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