The cargo division of International Airlines Group (IAG), IAG Cargo, reported revenue of 2022 of $1.7 Billion which is a 45% increase from the pre-pandemic levels in 2019 but a 3.5% decline from the revenue of 2021.

By re-establishing its pre-pandemic shape with IAG Cargo, they now serve in 6 continents. “Notable regions included Asia with IAG Cargo now operating 112 weekly services between India and London, up from 104 in pre-pandemic times.”

As per a release, “The business also focused on enhancing customer experience by investing in digital capabilities, improving online merchandising, operational effectiveness and infrastructure. Developments included the installation of a new mechanical handling system at its hub in Madrid, Spain.”

David Shepherd, Chief Executive Officer, IAG Cargo says: “IAG Cargo has a truly global reach and the ability to move the goods that drive the global economy. We have seen significant expansion to our Asia network, and I’m excited that our direct services between China and the U.K. will be back after a long pause in April.

2022 has also seen us return to higher levels of handled tonnage through our hubs in London, Madrid and Dublin. Our investment in continuous improvement processes has resulted in the increased volumes being handled with greater productivity and performance than in previous years.”