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Apace Digital Cargo is transforming your business through digital services, we are building one of the informative and user-friendly online portal for the Cargo and Logistics Industry.

Transforming Cargo Trade

Below are our services to boost your presence digitally and transform your business

Software Development


Website Development


Social Media

What is the problem our startup is solving?

The problem with cargo trade in India is that they are not present and promoted online and are not well promoted digitally on any of the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram of LinkedIn. If we see cargo trade outside India in the countries worldwide we can figure our how old age we are in terms of online presence of this industry. This sector still thinks that they dont have need to go online and promote themselves on social media. This startup is trying to bring the cargo trade online and promote them online through social media marketing.

How does our startup propose to solve this problem?

We are specialized in connecting people who work within the Indian cargo industry through the services of online promotional activities, and digital cargo news portal. We are building one of the informative and user-friendly online portals for the cargo and logistics industry that will connect all cargo trade and will be the one stop platform. Our founders have experience in both cargo trade as well in Digital world. With their experience in understanding both the sectors we think we can reduce the gap between cargo trade and their approach of not going digital.

What is the uniqueness of our solution?

In today’s world everyone is online, whether your are a small vendor selling cigarettes to large MNC making aerospace systems. We all are in need of digital services and have to connect with our audience socially. The same need is what we think should be there in cargo trade as well. Our services will boost the presence of cargo players online and will present them socially in front of their audience. Plus the platform that we plan to built will be accessible by anyone from anywhere.

The solution is all digital hence can be connected from anywhere and everyone can access it and gain knowledge about the trends and data of cargo trade

Digital Transformation of your Business through:

  • Software development
    • GPS Tracking
    • Cargo Tracking
    • Warehouse Management
    • Supply Chain Management (SCMS)
  • Website design and development
    • Website revamping
    • e-Commerce
  • Cloud Services
    • Hosting
    • Domain
    • SSL Certificate
  • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • e-Newsletter Marketing
    • Pay per click campaigns