Cargo Flash Infotech, a leading provider of logistics software solutions, successfully hosted the first TIACA (The International Air Cargo Association) Regional Event-India between March 27-29, 2023, with Co-founder & Director Mr Jasraj Chug leading the way. Along with Gautam Mandal, Director of Products, and the rest of the Cargo Flash team, he oversaw a successful startthat included a ribbon-cutting ceremony and participation from notable dignitaries. Cargo Flash Infotech’s participation as the host sponsor further solidifies the company’s position as a leader in the logistics software solutions industry.

Hosted at the ITC Maurya, New Delhi, the TIACA Regional Event- India assembled global Air Cargo professionals, providing an opportunity for networking, learning, and collaboration. With Cargo Flash Infotech as the Host Sponsor, attendees were treated to an exceptional event that showcased the company’s expertise and commitment towards the industry.

During the welcome address, Mr Jasraj S Chug thanked the entire ecosystem for their significant contributions in their areas and to the nation, collectively, followed by India PM’s initiatives of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Make in India’ initiatives and expressed his satisfaction with the event’s success, saying, “We feel humbled to have hosted this event. We look forward to continuing to support the industry and providing cohesive, collaborative and real-time solutions to our clients seeking transparency.”

The event saw continued success for Cargo Flash, with the senior management taking part in important discussions. Mr.Jasraj contributed to the round table discussion on the challenges and opportunities present in the Indian Air Cargo market post-COVID’. As an industry leader, he shared his insights on the topic, providing valuable information to attendees. The sector may not be withstanding the short-term distortions as passenger capacity is bouncing back and yields decreasing however, there isa sturdy future for Air Cargo for the next 20 years, he shares and further states, “Looking at essential capacity, wherein the world, India is a country that can feed its 1.4 million people itself and is self-sufficient enough apart from oil resource.

During the panel discussion focused on digital innovation and its role in enhancing industry efficiency and service offerings, which explored the possibilities of digital innovation in meeting the sophisticated demands of shippers for fast, effective, predictable, and transparent solutions; Gautam shared his expertise on the subject, highlighting the possibilities through technology for digitalization through some use cases where CargoFlash helped its airline customers capture new revenue opportunities including enabling an airline to cater to the exponentially fast growing e-commerce cross border market, and how to achieve this without any major investments on assets of infrastructure and actually using technology to control the entire business model outsourced; thus upgrading the airline to become a ‘Virtual Integrator’.

Gautam also updated how the upcoming platform; Octoloopby Cargo Flash is going to change the way how air cargo booking process is happening today. Octoloop is a neutral distribution platform for both airlines and freight forwarders that provides real-time and automated rate & route and capacity updates, as well as predictive analysis for seamless digital cargo booking. The platform helps address one of the big pain areas of airlines, which is the interline contract and payment settlements, through digitalizing the entire process.  

Overall, Cargo Flash’s participation in the event was a great success. With their leadership and expertise, The Team provided valuable insights into the industry and showcased the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence. The event was a testament to the company’s continued growth and success in the air logistics software solutions sphere.

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