The Port of Antwerp in Belgium, Europe’s second-largest container hub, has announced a service offering cargo temperature condition monitoring for logistics assets and cargo, providing exception alerting solutions for cargoes for both shippers and 3PLs.

This service is provided in collaboration with Foodcareplus, an integrated international logistics provider offering speciality services in the food transportation industry, Dockflow, which is building the world’s first integrated logistics online enablement platform, and TrakAssure, a leading provider of cargo monitoring solutions based on the ever-growing global LoRaWAN IoT network. LoRaWAN is an abbreviation for Long Range Wide Area Network, designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) that has a much farther reach than bluetooth and Wifi.

The solution utilises existing LoRaWAN infrastructure at the port, where TrakAssure monitors are installed at load location and data streams into Dockflow’s servers via API, allowing it to be shared with relevant stakeholders in the cold chain.