An OTP-based digital locking system will soon be introduced in the Railways in order to guard against theft on board for the freight and parcel trains. The OTP-based digital locking system is commonly used by trucks where a smart lock is provided which is GPS enabled allowing live tracking of the vehicle to reduce thefts. Officials said that the system will be completely based on secure OTP which will be used to both open and close carriages.

An official said, “The goods will not be accessible while on its journey. It will be opened through an OTP and closed by another without any interference in between. Now, all we do is seal the trains and ensure at every station that the seal is untouched. This will reduce a lot of issues while the train is on run.” He added that the OTP will be received by a railway personnel at each station for loading or unloading to ensure safety and that the systems run smoothly.

The train will also be tracked and the location will be recorded during its entire journey. If door tampers or any kind of collision occurs, an alert message will be sent to the official’s mobile number to keep them updated.