In comparison with the same period last year, freight earnings of Indian Railways have increased by 16% till December. Railways earned  ₹1,20,478 crore in the first nine months of fiscal year 2022-23, up from  ₹1,04,040 crore last year.

From April to December, a total freight loading of 1109.38 MT was achieved, compared to 1029.96 MT last year, representing an 8% increase over last year’s loading. Railway freight loading has surpassed last year’s loading and earnings for the first nine months of fiscal year 2022-23, it said. During December 2022, originating freight loading of 130.66 MT was achieved, compared to 126.8 MT in December 2021, representing a 3% increase. Furthermore, freight revenue of  ₹14,573 crore was achieved, compared to  ₹12,914 crore in December 2021, representing an 13% increase.

The Railways said, “Following the introduction of the scheme, ‘Hungry For Cargo’, IR has made sustained efforts to improve the ease of doing business as well as improve the service delivery at competitive prices which has resulted in new traffic coming to railways from both conventional and non-conventional commodity streams. The customer centric approach and work of Business Development Units backed up by agile policy making helped Railways towards this landmark achievement.”