Skyways Group has recently fulfilled its pledge taken in the year 2017 of planting 2020 trees

While concerns about excess greenhouse gases and global warming have been around for decades, new reports have raised doubts about whether most countries are doing enough to combat those impacts. NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists say the last five years were the warmest in recorded history. The research has increased the urgency of calls to address climate change to protect the survival of animal species, the oceans, the food supply, and public health, among other things.

A recent study says that Carbon emissions from soils in tropical forests — which store one quarter of the world’s soil carbon — could increase dramatically if temperatures continue to rise in line with current predictions, researchers say. A new experiment conducted in Panama suggests these harmful emissions of soil carbon could rise by 55 per cent if the climate warms by four degrees Celsius.

The global experts have listed 5 most alarming issues which have caused major impact on our planet

  • Biodiversity
  • Water Pollution
  • Deforestation
  • Industrial Pollution
  • Climate Change

According to the World Economic Forum, air pollution was found to be the largest current environmental threat to our public health. Globally, the primary sources of greenhouse gas emissions  are electricity and heat (31%), agriculture (11%), transportation (15%), forestry (6%) and manufacturing (12%). Energy production of all types accounts for 72 percent of all emissions.

Tom Crowther is a climate change ecologist at Swiss university ETH Zurich. Four years ago he found there are about 3 trillion trees already on earth — much higher than NASA’s previous estimate of 400 billion. Now, his team of researchers has calculated there is enough room on the planet for an additional 1.2 trillion — and that planting them would have huge benefits in terms of absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide, the main driver of climate change.

Each year in the month of June “World Environment Day” is celebrated globally under the banner of United Nations. The theme for the year 2017 was “Connecting People with Nature”. This cause moved the Skyways Group Management and they took a pledge to connect our work force with nature and decided to plant 2020 trees over the next 4 years.

On 8th August 2020, Skyways Group reached an important milestone in its corporate journey by planting over 2020 trees which it pledged in 2017. As a structured response encompassing all its 29 locations in India and overseas offices at Germany Bangladesh & Vietnam were also engaged in the tree plantation mission.

Initiating the drive in February 2017, around 2247 trees were planted in the 4 plantation drives spread across different cities.

2017 — 200 trees

2018 — 528 trees

2019 — 615 trees

2020 — 898 trees

What started as an internal company event in 2017, generated so much enthusiasm and participation from all Skyways employees that in the year 2018, family members and kids participated in a day long activity. The feeling of connection with nature, in one of its purest and simplest forms, left a lasting impact on the young minds along with many happy memories.

In the year 2019, we enlarged our participation circle by inviting personnel from major Airlines, Shipping lines, Cargo Terminal Operators, and customers at the Tree Plantation venue. This initiative got good support from many quarters and helped us to reach out to important functionaries and build rapport for ‘Beyond Business Relationship’ through our Go-Green mission.

Amidst the Pandemic, one of the most difficult times the mankind has observed, We improvised the Tree Plantation mission by planting saplings in pots. It was observed as bonding activity by our families. When the situation improves to normal levels, the saplings will be shifted to ambient locations where these saplings will thrive and continue to do their bit in making this world a better place to live in!

The enthusiasm shown by all our team was so overwhelming that a record 898 trees were planted on 8th August 2020, which also happened to be our 38th Founder’s Day. Another key aspect observed this year was the wide variety and high quality fruit and herbal trees which have huge environmental benefits like Guava, Neem, Ashok, Amla, Hibiscus, Indian Blackberry, Araucaria, Money plant etc being planted by our team and the families.

Skyways will continue to contribute to the environment and the society to make this world a better place to live in.