Kenya Airways Cargo celebrated the 1 year anniversary of their successful implementation of Cargo Flash which is Infotech’s next generation ‘nGen’ Integrated Cargo Management System (ICMS). This new system replaced their divergent legacy systems with a single, highly scalable and secure nGen ICMS.

Cargo Flash’s cloud-based SaaS solution has demonstrated its effectiveness and cost-efficiency for the airline, while also simplifying operations and improving the management of cargo. By utilizing the system, Kenya Airways Cargo can now oversee its entire cargo chain through a single platform, reducing the necessity for manual processes and minimizing the potential for errors, while also enhancing the speed of data transmission.

“We are very pleased with the results since implementing the nGen ICMS last year,” Dick Murianki, Kenya Airways’ Cargo Director, said. “The nGen ICMS has transformed our cargo operations, making them faster, more efficient, and more reliable. We are proud to offer our customers a world-class service that is both secure and cost-effective,” he continues, “I am happy to announce that we are now ready to start the next big project with them, which will be the application of Cargo Flash’s e-Commerce solutions. This will assist us in tapping the e-Commerce market in the African region, thus creating a new revenue stream.”