Prince Harry: The Memoir of the British Royal Monarch was shipped by Activair Airfreight India with pride, handling the freight from the time it was delivered in the UK to the customer in India. This kind of under cover and simultaneous release across the globe has happened after the last Harry Potter books released almost two and a half decades ago by Activair Airfreight.

Abhiyank Govil, Business Development – Director at Activair Airfreight India said, “The international release of the same was 10th January and it had to be dispatched to every nook and corner in India for retail sale from 10th January onwards for which coordination and communication was key. Activair Airfreight India feels privileged to have been given this opportunity of being part of this international release by the customer – Penguin Random House India. The entire handling of this movement was done under top secrecy to prevent leaks. There is huge potential in the country to grow from where it stands especially due to the slowdown in China. Technology and reduction of human intervention will play an essential part in the development of Air Cargo in India along with new aircraft deliveries to airlines will help ease traffic on busy routes due to the growth in domestic sector owing to Atma Nirbhar Bharat . Freight forwarders must constantly equip themselves to meet the ever growing demand of customers and help further scale up the economy as a whole.”