Due to the current prevailing situation of Coronavirus, the global economy has been adversely affected. Borders have been sealed to prevent the spread of the virus and this has impacted the logistics industry too. Due to various reports on the internet, Indian logistics players say they are finding it difficult to keep the business lines operational. “Demand in Europe and North America is expected to fall significantly if the spread of the virus is not contained quickly, so that will directly impact our business here in the coming weeks or months,” Freightwalla co-founder Sanjay Bhatia said. The unprecedented shutdown across the world has hindered the movement greatly. Initially, containers were not moving out of China, as there was no one to unload them at the docks, industry executives say. This led to a pile-up of demand for containers from Indian exporters. The situation in India is better than in large parts of Europe and the United States, where the virus has spread aggressively. Even in the best-case scenario, the Western nations will take time to spring back to normal. Sectors like textile that accounts for 10 pc of India’s exports could see a major decline in revenue, as demand will fall in China, the US and Europe.