As a gold partner, Cargomen participated in the 5th Customs and Trade Compliance India Summit 2023. The event was focused on strengthening export control practices and reinforcing compliance, in light of regulatory changes and the evolving geopolitical environment. Attendees learned about integrating effective trade compliance into their companies’ strategic and operational dimensions.

On the first day of the Summit, Rajiv Kumar Thukral, Chief Strategy Officer of Cargomen, shared his valuable insights on the importance of people and skills for flawless logistics and on the second day of the Summit, Kamal Jain, Director of Cargomen Logistics India Private Limited, was one of the panellists in the discussion on “Monitoring the Supply Chain and Implementing a Strong Trade & Export Control Programme.” During the discussion, the panel outlined the risks of non-compliance and emphasised the importance of reducing high logistical costs and implementing effective due diligence.