Saudia Cargo will be adding capacity from all existing and future markets to to offer full coverage of their existing network. The two announced an expansion of their partnership in order to bring more of the airline’s capacity on board the leading marketplace for digital air cargo bookings.

As per a release from, “The growth builds upon a 1.5 year collaboration in which delivered Saudia Cargo’s first external digital sales channel and greatly enhanced both its market reach and quality of service to freight forwarders. and Saudia teams will double down on initiatives to derive maximum value from the airline’s digital distribution.” The release added, “Freight forwarders using have booked thousands of shipments across Saudia’s global network on its dedicated freighter and passenger fleets.”

In order to support the airline grow in new markets and customer segments, over 50% of the bookings were to destinations outside Saudi Arabia.

“ has been a valuable partner in helping Saudia Cargo to advance and accelerate in a manner that focuses on customer needs. We expect the majority of customers to be booking digitally in only a few years time, and to continue delivering a valuable proportion of our online sales. It makes every sense to work with the biggest marketplace partner, building upon existing successes, remaining dynamic to evolving market needs and generating new revenues wherever possible.” Said the Chief Executive Officer of Saudia Cargo, Teddy Zebitz.

“As Saudi Arabia grows its global air cargo hub, we are proud to play an integral part in Saudia Cargo’s success by delivering excellent customer experiences and next generation offer design. Freight forwarders using worldwide are the biggest winners as they will be able to book even more Saudia Cargo capacity options seamlessly.” Added the Vice President, Partnerships, Simson Demmer.