Fitsum Abadi, Managing Director, Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services

Following the global outbreak of COVID-19, which shock up the overall economy, the aviation industry is one of highly affected sector, resulting a decrease in our belly uplift by 13 pc for the month of March alone due a decrease in flight route and frequency of the passenger aircraft.

On the other hand, there is an increase on freighter uplift around 23.59 pc for March 2020 as there is a high demand of air freight specially for charter due to significant increase in demand of medical supplies like face mask, hand glove, testkit, hand sanitizer, etc. and food supplies.   

To survive out of this trouble, we are forced to capitalize on the freighter business especially the charter sales using belly and cabin capacity of passenger fleet for cargo services in addition to the freighter aircraft.

In a nut shell, as a way out of the situation and future strategy, Ethiopian Cargo will further strengthen its efficiency especially on the charter cargo services and scheduled cargo services directional to the market demand focusing more on cost saving than before.