“P2C airlines were born and cargo became the ‘apple of everyone’s eye’ for all airlines”

‘Intelligent Steering and Strategy Control’ to scale up the business ensuring seamless services to all our customers, has always been our motto, shares Sakshi Gupta, Country Manager, Air Logistics Group in an interview with Apace Digital Cargo adding that Most significant and innovative conception for the aviation industry during the pandemic was the conversion of aircrafts from Passenger to Cargo (P2C) thus bringing in more capacity to cater to fast changing customer trends.  

How has been the changing scenario of the air cargo industry in terms of digitalisation, new cargo airlines coming in?

Air cargo industry has been through so much turbulence and turmoil after the pandemic but now I would say it is ‘DAWN after the STORM’. Indeed , digitalisation and technology proved to be the saving grace to accelerate and support in the transition from the traditional manual methods to paperless documentation, contactless meetings of air cargo professionals, thus leading to a more robust air cargo environment and cross border trade resilience to face all future adversities. 

Major restructuring took place which we all know and that’s how P2C (passenger to cargo) airlines were born and Cargo became the ‘apple of everyone’s eye’ for all airlines. 

What has been the strategy of Air Logistics Group during and post pandemic to stay ahead in the competitive market? Do you think GSSA’s role has changed in this scenario?

Air Logistics Group (GSSA) are the extended, determined & trustworthy ears, eyes and arms of our carrier partners, perennially providing our principals with innovative solutions and value added services under one umbrella. ‘Intelligent Steering and Strategy Control’ to scale up the business ensuring seamless services to all our customers, has always been our motto.

We spoke and invested in technology much before the pandemic hit, thus the shifts to remotely doing business & adapting to the new tech world was never a challenge at ALG. Pandemic taught us that nothing is normal or fixed or the attitude that- ‘this is the way or else no way’ is passé.

Real time problem solving skills and solutions and swiftly adapting to these, was the need of the hour and that’s how ALG team worldwide, moved with agility helping our principals without dwelling and wasting precious time.

ACAAI 46th Convention is all set to take place in Bangkok from 24th to 27th Nov, after a gap of 2 years due to pandemic situation; what is your anticipation for the convention as post pandemic scenario and resilience of the industry will be key topics of the discussions at the convention?

ACAAI is fostering the continuity, positivity and confidence of the industry by organising the overseas convention in Bangkok and we are sure it’s going to be a runaway success with a roaring attendance this year.